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Chateau Meiland’s Sixth Season
For Chateau Meiland’s upcoming sixth season, there will be another transfer. This show about Martien, Erica, and Maxime has just become one of SBS 6’s biggest TV successes ever. A staggering 1.5 million people watched the Meilandjes’ antics on TV during the previous season. In the fourth series, the family returned to the Netherlands after three seasons at their bed and breakfast in France. But it was evident from the previous season that their ideas did not mesh with the municipality’s zoning plan.
As a result, we are aware that the Meilandjes will relocate from Hengelo to Noordwijk, and this will be significant for the season. But first, they ride a Solex and make the Achterhoek dangerous. A family car ride becomes a full-blown horror film, therefore a ride with a Solex is hilarious. ‘I’m frightened I’ll fall’ exclaims Maxime. Thankfully, the wine is ready, so Erica, Martien, and their daughter can toast to a recovery of “wines, wines, wines” thereafter.
There will be two episodes a week in Chateau Meiland’s sixth season. The first one goes on exhibit on August 30th, Monday. Thursday will see the second.

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