To see! Prince Charles faucets a beer in a Welsh pub | present

The Prince of Wales Opens a Beer Tap
Britain’s Prince Charles (73) tapped a beer in a tavern in Wales right this moment. The prince performed for the people of Treorchy at The Lion. While at the cafe, Charles and Camilla proceeded behind the bar, where he poured himself a cold one while being closely watched by both his wife and the barman. They did another lap around the bar and chatted with the regulars.
On Tuesday, Prince Charles and Camilla arrived in Wales to kick off their three-day trip. After attending a cultural event in Llandovery, the couple travelled to Cardiff to see BBC Wales.
The AD Media Podcast is another great resource. This week’s topics include 538, Veronica, Radio 10, and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s pressure on FM licences, as well as the Million Dollar Island debacle.
Expect Camilla and Prince Charles soon.

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