10 Issues Your Nurse Will By no means Inform You

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Some people have said that nurses are the best secret keepers ever. It’s been rumored for ages that they keep things all secret, and they hear everythin between doctors, patients, and the patient’s family.

It might seem a bit strange at first, but when you think about it, it begins to make perfect sense. Everyone keeps secrets. (Some of us better than others!) But the truth is that there are some things you don’t need to know and maybe you don’t want to know. There are facts that you might not be able to handle, and some things that, well, nurses probably just wouldn’t tell you even if they had the chance.

On the other hand, the truth sets you free, so let’s talk about the top 10 secrets that your nurse has probably been keepin from you.


1. Givin You Medicine is a Pain in the Behind

Yes, givin out medication is somethin that nurses do, and some patients think that givin out pills or shots is about the only thin nurses do, but that’s not true. What is true is that givin meditime-consuming time consumin and challengin chore. It’s not as if nurses can just go into a cabinet, grab a bottle of pills and just walk over to your bedside to give it to you. Your nurse needs to look at every medication that the doctor has ordered for you; make certain that she understands the dosin method; check for any possible side effects or interactions; possibly make a phone call to talk to your doctor if she has any questions or concerns; perhaps even run down to the pharmacy if your medication is not available. Givin you medication is not as easy as it seems, but your nurse will certainly make it seem that way!

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