10 Tasty, Pure, and Pure Vitamin Waters You Can Make at Residence

Photo credit: bigstock.comThe Vitamin Waters’ Hazards
Even though a number of medical professionals have publicly questioned the health benefits of vitamin waters for many years, some consumers still willingly pay a high price for what is essentially just sugary water with artificial flavours and colours. Many of the so-called “vitamins” are synthetic, of low quality, and the body finds it difficult to absorb them nonetheless. When you can create your own natural, healthy fluids with natural vitamins from foods you cook at home, why would you buy these potentially poisonous waters?
While vitamin waters and vitamins seem like a great combination, most of them don’t tell you that they contain as much sugar and calories as a can of cola. Considering that the Coca-Cola Company produces the most widely recognised brand of vitamin water, this makes sense. Did you know that fructose and sugar are both present in the majority of vitamin water? Furthermore, the majority of vitamin waters containing citric acid are derived from genetically modified maize. You can manufacture your own natural, pure vitamin-infused water for cheap, so why waste money on sugar water and bother reading labels?
Purchasing an infusion pitcher is the best option; they are available practically everywhere for less than $25. Such an infuser can be used to prepare detox tea in addition to vitamin water. Just combine your ingredients and serve, warm or chilled! Any glass jar that can accommodate at least ten cups of water, herbs, fruits, or vegetables can also be used, though.
Here are some suggestions to enhance the flavour of your vitamin water: The water will get more enriched with vitamins the longer it is left to sit. However, remove the rinds from citrus fruits, like oranges, if you want to leave it for more than four hours. If left, the rinds will seep into the water and turn it bitter. Remember to fill that jug again! These fruits and herbs are good for another round once you’ve finished the water; simply fill the jar with fresh water to continue. Slice or chop your fruits and vegetables into thin pieces to increase the surface area available for the water to interact with. Never use tap water—always use pure, filtered, and clean water. Use only organic produce wherever possible to keep pesticide residue out of the water. You can change the amounts in these recipes to suit your preferences. If you use more of one flavour and less of another, you will still consume an adequate amount of vitamins. Try experimenting with different flavours without fear. Try them if you happen to have an excess of peaches! Try it with flavours that don’t seem to mix together, like watermelon, raspberry, and sage, if you have them on hand. worst-case situation? It has a terrible flavour. Remove it and give it another go!
All set? We’re providing you with 10 amazing combinations to get you started with natural vitamin waters, whether you’re choosing them to support your immune system and general well-being, to drink them as one of the helpful home remedies for a stuffy nose or other illness, or simply to enjoy tasty drinks that boost your vitamin intake. Have fun!

Mint, cucumber, lemon, and lime
Basil, kiwi, and strawberries
Ginger, cinnamon, and apple
Orange, rosemary, and cranberries
Tangerine, pineapple, and mango
Lavender, lemon, and blueberries
Thyme, honeydew, and cantaloupe
Lime, mint, and watermelon
Cranberry, rosemary, and grape
Grapefruit, lemon, and basil

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