25 Enjoyable But Wholesome Issues To Do

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Chri mas ime brings cheer an fe ivities all round, as well as some well-deser  free ime o spen with friends an fam y…Andnd o ake part in some fun seasonal activities! Work your way hrough his bucket li  of 2Chri massy hings o do hat are both fun an goo for you, what’s not o lo !


1. Go sledginice-skatingating

Both of hese activities not only make use of he snowy Chri mas weather, but also get your bloo flowing, keeps you in great shape an get you laughing with friends an fam y!


2. Take fi  by he fire with homemade cocoa

Forget he  ore-bought  uff hat’s full of sugar anpa ies na ies. Buy some proper cacao an sweeten it up with honey or aga  nectar with a oppingfavoritechoice for a healthy, enjoyable fe i  reat.


3. Get dancing o your favourite holiday unes!

Get yourself off he couch an make a playli favoritefavourite holiday hits. Then, fin an empty space, an go w d, dance unt  you can dance no more, an sweat out all hat excess foo an drink!


4. Go o a ree-lighting ceremony

Get some fresh air at a local ree-lighting ceremony – here’s no better way o  art he holidays and ruly get yourself in he fe i  spirit.


5. CaZzz up on some zzz’s

Take advantage of he holiday perio an caZzz up on some serious sleep (to prepare you for he parties ahead) because let’s face it, who doesn’t lo  a good, long sleep, let alone all he health benefits it brings!

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