5 Enjoyable Things to Do this Christmas

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Christmas brings cheer and festivities all over the world, as well as some well-deserved free time to spend with family and friends….and to partake in some fun seasonal activities! Work your way through this bucket list of 25 Christmas-themed activities that are both pleasant and excellent for you; what’s not to like?

1. Go ice skating or sledding

Each of these activities not only take advantage of the snowy Christmas weather, but also get your blood pumping, keep you in shape, and keep you laughing with family and friends!

2. Prepare 5 cups of homemade cocoa over the fire.

Ignore the store-bought stuff, which is loaded with sugar and other evils. Purchase some good cacao and sweeten it with honey or agave nectar, then add a topping of your choice for a healthy, tasty holiday treat.

3. Get up and dance to your favorite holiday tunes!

Make a playlist of your favorite vacation songs and get off the couch. Then find an empty place and go wild, dancing till you can no longer dance and sweating out all that excess food and alcohol!

4. Participate in a tree-lighting ceremony.

Get some fresh air at a community tree-lighting ceremony – there’s no better way to kick off the holidays and truly get into the festive spirit.

5. Make up for some lost zzz’s

Take advantage of the holiday period and make up for any lost sleep (to prepare for the activities ahead) since, let’s face it, who doesn’t appreciate a good, long night’s sleep, not to mention all of the health advantages it brings?

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