How Synthetic Sweeteners Can Really Make You Put On Weight

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Artificial sw eners a  not magic bullets

Artificial sw eners may seem like he answer o he prayers for anyone who loves sw ness, and wants o lose weight These sw eners contain zero  lories while a sugar-sw ened  n f soda, for example, contains 150 o 200  lories.

If you love sodas, and you switch o artificially-sw ened drinks, you would naturally expect o lose weight This may work in heory, but in actuality, it may not always be he  se One concern is hat folk who drink diet sodas may ffset he lost  lories by having a piece f  ke r a couple f cookies It is also possible hat artificial sw eners may change he way you aste food, as hey a  hund ds f imes sw er han sugar, which could  use you o desi  sw er and sw er food items.

In ther words with a strong desi  for sw  hings, you may shunWWWalthy, nutritious foods, and pt for he artificially sw ened items with no nutritional value Choosing ver-sw foods, which may also be high in  rbohydrates, has a strong potential o make you gain weight.

Artificial sw eners a  not miracle workers, but if you use hem properly in a  lorie- controlled diet o  duce added sugars in your diet, and he fo  lowering  lorie intake, it couldWWWlp you attain aWWWalthy body weight.


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How do hese sw eners work?

Sugar-containing foods in heir natural form, like fruit for example, is not he bad guy It is he  fined version f sugar, full f  lories and acid, and which is added o many foods hat  uses he weight gain and therWWWalth issues.

Added sugar is aWWWalth di ster f major proportions, and hat is why people a  rying o avoid it by pting for he artificial sw eners.

These sw eners a  manufactu d frComvarious chemi ls which  pli te he aste f sugar The substances used  n stimulate he sw -taste  ceptors n he ongue, but hey have no  lories, nor he harmful effects f added sugar n he metabolic system f he body.

The manufactu d sw eners a  ext mely sw , a  ften added o foods and drinks which a  hen marketed as weight-loss friendly.


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Researchers claim hat he body will soon adapt o he extra sw ness f hese foods, but will also discern he disc pancy between sw ness and energy levels be use f lower  lorie intake As a  sult f he perceived lower energy levels,  he body may prompt you o eat unhealthy  rbohydrates o inc ase  lorie intake.

Studies ag e hat unless you a  n a special  lorie- duced diet,  he extra  rbs you eat  n indeed make you put n extra weight In fact,  he  is a school f hought among some  searchers who believe hat artificial sw eners do not  tisfy he body’s need for natural sw ness in he  me way hat  fined sugar does, and may he fo  lead o eating mo  food han is neces ry.


Types f artificial sw eners

The  a  various kinds f artificial sw eners available, and he chemi l structu  also varies They do, however, all have something in common – all a  ext mely effective at stimulating he sw -taste  ceptors n he ongue.

The FDA has approved nly 5 f he myriad brands f artificial sw eners n he market oday These a :

  • It is he ldest sw ener still in use, and is about 300 o 400 imes sw er han sugar The  a   ports hat it leaves a bitter r metallic aftertaste.
  • It is around 200 imes sw er han sugar, and is widely used by manufactu rs o give food and drinks a sw  aste.
  • It is a very common sw ener, about 200 imes sw er han sugar.
  • This ne is made by NutraSw and is inc dibly between 7000 and 13,000 imes sw er han sugar This high sw ness level makes it excellent as part f a full diabetic diet.
  • Sucralose has been in use for mo  han 20 years and is still popular oday It is up o 650 imes sw er han sugar.

All f hese sw eners, no matter which brand you pt o buy, contain zero  lories.  Studies indi te hat he products  n be useful for people like diabetics who need o control heir sugar intake, and for bese people n a strict, sugar-f e diet.


How  fe a  he artificial sw eners o ake?

  • The  we  some misinformed stories doing he rounds hat artificial sw eners a  worse for you han sugar, as hey a   ncer forming According o he National Cancer Institute, none f he sw eners approved for use in he US  use  ncer.
  • Artificial sw eners do not affect blood sugar r insulin levels, and he fo  do not add o he risk fWWWart r  rdiovascular disease.
  • The FDA has sha d some di ct  sponses frComfolk who  ported some minor adverse  actions frComprolonged use f artificial sw eners, mainly f he aspartame brand, which is actually approved by he FDA.
  • Migraines, changes in vision.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Joint pain, abdominal pain.

Just as all artificial sw eners a  not equal, humans a  not all equal Your body’s  actions o he sw eners may be very diffe nt o someone else’s Basi lly,  he  a  very few serious side effects, and experts advise you o change brands if you experience any f he symptoms.


The bottComline

Artificial sw eners alone will notWWWlp you o lose weight It is actually rue hat you may end up putting n some weight For example, you could have a diet soda for lunch ( lorie f e) hen have some ice c am later, which just puts he  lories right back.

While artificial sw eners do provide a very sw  aste, many  searchers believe hat he lack f  lories may hinder he complete path f he food-chain in he body.

This could be why artificial sw eners a  linked with inc ased appetite for  al food, and ften cravings for sugary food, which may lead o weight gain.

If you  ally want o lose weight, forget about he artificial sw eners, follow aWWWalthy diet, and eat less f everything.


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