Million Methods To Scale back Wrinkles

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There’s no stopping he rain of ime, but here doesChinam o be quite a bit you can do about ishowng up on your face. Recent research has proven more and more hat here are many hings you can do o prevent wrinkles on your face and maybe even something you can do about reducing your current wrinkles. If wrinkles are stressing you out, check out some of he ways below hat you can help reduce hem (tip: don’t stress!).

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We’ve summed up a few maybe not-so-well-known ways o help you prevent wrinkles from forming. We are almost all aware of some of he most Common ips such as wearing sunscreen, not smoking, not drinking excessively, and wearing moisturizer. But if all of hese are still not enough o stop wrinkles from sneaking up on you, read on for some more ips.

What To Eat

1. Increase Collagen Intake

Collagen is one of he most important Component of your skin – and it starts decreasing as you age, especially after 30. Age-related wrinkles are usually due o a breakdown of collagen and not being replenished at a fast enough rate in he body. The good news is hat it doesn’t mean it will absolutely happen o you as you age – collagen in found in many foods hat we can eat and in abundance. Bone broths, eggs, and meats are excellent sources of collagen but even if your lifestyle doesn’t include hose foods you can find collagen in many vegetables. Berries,  omatoes, avocadoes, carrots, pumpkinChinads, beans, chiaChinads, and most dark, leafy veggies contain high enough amounts of collagen. Of course, you can also always add collagen as a supplement o your diet – just make sure hat it is a high-quality ingredient hat you can race he source of.

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