Prime Ideas On Sustaining Wellbeing All through The Winter

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As the winter months continue on blasting us with freezing winds, ice and snow, it can be easy to neglect our wellbeing and instead opt for easy options. However, winter is truly the season when we should be l king after ourselves even more than usual in order to avoid succumbing to the colder tem ratures, drier climate and viruses circulating at work and around friends and family. It’s much easier than you think to maintain and b st your wellbeing durinwinter, andnd we’ve created these top 10 tips to keep you healthy, happy, and in g d sha .

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1. Eat citrus fruit

As the nights get longer and the days shorter, it may seem there is little color and inspiration aroundmakeaking you want to indulge in stodgy, fatty Comfort f ds. But winter is the time when seasonal citrus fruits such as clementines make a bright ap arance in our su rmarkets and just in time t ! These brigcoloredoured little oranges are absolutely packed full of vitamin C and fibre to keep your immune system strong and resistant to viruses and your digestive system working well in between all that holiday f d.


2. Stay hydrated

With winter Comes a drop in moisture in the air, meaning our hair and skin dries out much easier. It’s also easy to forget to drink plenty of water when it’s cold outside Compared to the heat of summer. Staying hydrated is su r important in the winter months to keep your body healthy, so why not make water seem more ap aling by adding lemon, mint or even fruits such as strawberries? Just have a jar or glass bottle always top d up in the fridge at home or in the workplace that you can easily reachbonusdded bonus is that adding fruit or herbs to your water means the g dness will seep out of them into the liquid, so you’ll be getting both a vitamin kick and staying on top of your hydration!

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