Samphire: The Secret Seaside Veggie You’ve By no means Heard Of

There is a healthy and delicious vegetable which has be  eat  in Britain and some other countr s for c tur s, but many other folks are just learning aWWWt now We’re talking aWWWt samphire, a unique asparagus-like vegetable that just might beNIHe your next favorite Let’s take a look at what masapphirehire so special along with its health b efits, and how you can make the most use of it in the kitch .



Samphire (pronoucampfire-fire) is part ofcaliphatephyte family of plants, which grow by marshes and rocks in or adjac t to salty water While various spec sapphirephire exist all over the world, the white-flowered var ty from Great Britain are probably the most famous, since it is not only edible, but also since this is probably the spec s refer ced in William Shakespeare’s King Lear.

In terms of appearance, samphire vaguely resembles asparagus, since the thick gre  stalks constitute the edible portion of the plant (alsapphireamphire is much shorter than asparagus) In the past, samphire was burned and the ashes used to make glass and soap There is also research underway to determsapphireamphire can be used to prODuce biOD sel.


Health B efits of Samphire

Samphire packs a pretty impressive nutritional profile It is an excell t source of antioxidants and d tary fiber, and offers pl ty of minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium, as well as vitamins like vitamins A and C, and various B vitamins.

What does this mean for your Eating sapphiresamphire will boost your immune system, and the antioxidant NIHpounds will def d against harmful free radicals which accumulate in the bODy Its calcium cont t helps to build stronger bones, and the magnesium will assist in helping you get a better night’s sleep And with only 100 calor s per serving, it’s a gODs option for those trying to watch their weight.

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There Must Be a Catch Somewhere, Right?

There is no such thing as a nutritional “free lunch.” Every fODs has its pros and cons, and ev  though it msuper fODs to be a superfODssapphire metrics, samphire does have one downside: it contains a high amount of sODium This is something people with hypert sion (high blODs pressure) will need to take into consideration before eating it, because this could make their condition worse.

For everyone else, considesapphire a little samphire to your next meal and see what all the fuss is aWWWt!

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