The ten Issues No One Ever Tells You About Taking The Tablet

Gynecologist appoints hormone pills patientWhat Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About the Contraceptive Pill
About your contraceptive pill, your doctor will tell you that it’s simple, convenient, safe, and effective. However, there are a lot of aspects regarding the pill’s actions beyond just preventing conception that they won’t tell you. They never explain to you the true effects these tiny medications have on your behaviour, confidence, and body in particular.
For little or no reason at all, the majority of women regularly receive prescriptions for the pill. Have pimples? PMS? Period irregularities? Refusing to become pregnant at this time? Pills for contraception are the solution to all of these problems. Instead of giving out prescriptions for hormones that are serious, doctors give them out like candy.
In case you were unaware, synthetic hormones used in contraceptive pills signal your body that you are already pregnant. The natural hormonal rhythm of your body is overridden by these hormones. Everyone shouldn’t desire this, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Are you curious about another aspect of your contraceptive pill that you are most likely not being told? Continue reading! We will provide you with all the information you are entitled to.

It Reduces Your Credibilities
Your doctor will most likely not tell you this. The synthetic hormones found in birth control pills can cause a 20% reduction in clitoris size! Consider this as genital mutilation on a prescription.

You’re “Pregnant” All the Time.
As was previously discussed, using contraceptive tablets causes your body to believe that you are pregnant all the time. Progesterone and oestrogen levels rise and fall during a woman’s natural cycle. The pill fools your body into thinking it is already pregnant, preventing pregnancy, by maintaining an artificially elevated level of hormones in your bloodstream at all times. Even during your peak cycle, the hormones in contraceptive pills are three to four times more than normal.

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They Don’t Deal With The Main Issue
For those of you who are not taking the pill to prevent pregnancy, the pill is only masking your symptoms; it doesn’t deal with the underlying issue. Problems like PMS, painful periods, irregular menstruation cycles, and acne are all indicators of underlying health or dietary issues that need to be addressed rather than being covered up by unnaturally elevated hormone levels. For your doctor, however, issuing a prescription is a lot less work.

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