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Do you have problems with your stomach after eating, but you just figure that everyone must feel the same way? Do you chalk it up to eating certain foods or eating too much? You might ne  to know exactly how the dig tive proc s works so you can decide if you have issu  with your system that ne  to be addr s .

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How Do  the Dig tive System Work?

When you eat something, the dig tive proc s starts in your mouth. From there, it mov  to the stomach after passing through your  ophagus. The pancreas and liver also make their contributions before the small int tine absall thef the nutrients. Any waste go  through the colon and is pass  out of your anus. Any problems with your dig tion system can occur during any stag  of this proc s.


Hidden Problems in the Dig tive Proc s

Even though your food has a bit of traveling to go through before it is dig t , there are four major ways it can run into problems.

  • Food Allergi . Your immune system is suppos  to protect you from foods that don’t agree with you. The problem is sometim  it gets confus  and starts attacking the wrong foods. This could be because your gut lining has let some foods end up where they are not suppos  Com
  • Slow Bowel Transit. If your body tak  too long to dig t the food that you have eaten, it can cause problems. If it tak  too long, it could even leave you constipat .
  • Imbalance in Your Gut. Having an imbalance in the flora of your gut is call  dysbiosis. There are good parts and bad parts to your gut flora. The problem occurs when the bad begins to outweigh the good.
  • Not Enough Stomach Acid. If you don’t have enough acid in your stomach, it is call  hypochlorhydria. You will have problems dig ting your food if you don’t have enough acid in your stomach to break down the food. The r ult is any bacteria that is in your gut will be left to break it down.
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