Biden Pushes Woke Army Officers as Sen. Tuberville Holds Agency

Awards for Generals in the Biden Administration
It appears that generals who prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusivity—such as lecturing a “white colonel” about the need for more diverse officers and declaring local climate change to be a national security threat—are reaping benefits under the Biden administration.
Air Drive Brig. Gen. Stacy Jo Huser and two other women participated in a panel discussion on diversity and inclusion in the military at the College of Mississippi in February.
Huser was nominated by President Joe Biden to be promoted to main basic in March. Hers is just one of more than 200 navy promotions that Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., is attempting to revoke regarding the Protection Division’s new taxpayer-funded abortion coverage.
Anthony R. Hale, a military major general, was recommended by Biden for promotion to lieutenant basic. In the last year, Hale prioritised diversity hiring for naval intelligence officers.
“When it comes to African Americans, we’re less than 9%,” Hale told Tucson, Arizona’s KGUN 9, pointing out that minorities only make up 30% of navy intelligence officers overall. And when we consider diversity, equity, and inclusion, pursuing and addressing diversity within our MI Corps merely elevates us, according to Hale.
In a 2021 address over rising sea ranges, Military Lt. Gen. Laura A. Potter—renominated for lieutenant basic—focused on local weather change. “We consider {that a} national security drawback,” Potter stated in answer to the Military’s website in March 2021. When you consider the effects of permafrost changes and an increasingly passable river, or when you consider the archipelagos and the dangers posed by rising water levels, these become possible security risks for these foreign territories. They thus genuinely have an impact on the way the Military must operate.
She also emphasised in an interview the importance of DEI, or diversity, equity, and inclusion, as a priority on two fronts.

“First, how are we creating a diverse MI corps in terms of gender and ethnicity? Secondly, how are we ensuring that our officer-focused expertise management procedures provide officers with diversity within the corps, as well as a range of assignments and opportunities to train our troopers and officers in all the skills they need to perform their jobs well?” Potter said.

Jody A. Merritt, a Field Drive Brig. Gen., was selected for promotion to main basic. She submitted a LinkedIn promotion for DEI.
“To be on this prestigious panel with you and the other panellists is such an honour!” Writer Merritt. #STEM #variety #inclusion #diversityandinclusion #equality #management #womenleaders #genderequality United States Area Drive
Because many of his fellow “white colonels” are “blind to institutional racism,” according to Jonsson, they pose the “largest limitations” to tackling “racial injustice” within the navy. Retired Air Drive Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt stated in a Newsmax interview on Tuesday that he was “disillusioned” with Jonsson and that he knew him well. Holt told Newsmax, “You might get promoted if you happen to jump on the bandwagon of the day, which is currently the Marxist idea of DEI [and] eliminating the meritocracy.” “But I think it’s reasonable to see officers and leaders who are true to their oath and focused on their mission.” The Daily Sign earlier revealed that Tuberville had obstructed Navy Capt. Michael Donnelly’s advancement after he permitted a drag present on board the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.
The Daily Sign had previously reported on two Air Drive generals that Biden had recommended for promotions: Brig. Gen. Elizabeth Arledge as primary basic and Lt. Gen. Kevin Schneider as commander of Pacific Forces. Schneider has expressed his desire for DEI to be ingrained in the “DNA” of the Air Drive. Arledge discussed the problem of “whiteness” in a tweet. Additionally nominated for a promotion, Navy Rear Adm. Shoshana Chatfield has focused on “gender equality and girls’ empowerment” and expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that 80% of Congress is composed of men, as previously reported by The Daily Sign.
Tuberville requested further information from the Pentagon regarding the implementation of its abortion coverage in a letter dated July 28 to Protection Secretary Lloyd Austin.
The Biden Administration Rejects Tuberville’s Restrictions on Military Promotions

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“The Department of Defence has refused to provide basic information on the implementation of this policy, such as the budget from which it will draw funds necessary to cover this travel,” stated Senator Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, in response to multiple requests for information. Actually, the Department of Defence briefed Senate Armed Services Committee members recently, but it didn’t include any new information and, to be honest, generated more questions than it did answers. Additionally, Tuberville questioned the extent to which the military is impacted by his holds on Biden’s nominations. He pointed out that senators from both parties have obtained information from the Pentagon by taking comparable measures.

In his letter to Austin, Tuberville stated: “As of September 2022, there were approximately 863 active duty general/flag officers, according to the Congressional Research Service.” By year’s end, the Pentagon projects that my “hold” on promotions that are approved by unanimous assent may impact about 650 nominations. This would represent about 75% of all general/flag officers who are currently on active duty.

The Biden administration is resisting Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-WV) attempts to stall military promotions, particularly for those recognised for their support of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Recently, the government unveiled a plethora of incentives for military personnel who support DEI, including paid time off and travel expenses reimbursed to enlisted women seeking abortions. The military is recognising the importance of African-American representation and is making much-needed progress in promoting gender equality and combating sexism. Meritocracy is crucial, and all military personnel ought to be evaluated based only on their qualifications rather than other considerations. Furthermore, the Biden administration has made it a top priority to evaluate climate change as a danger to national security.

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