Conservatives name out multinational firms for supporting satisfaction month in America, however not Center East

FOX Business’ Lydia Hu reports on the fallout from Bud Light’s controversial partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.A woman at an LGBTQ pride parade, holding up a rainbow flag.Gay pride flagPhoto shows a huge pride flag unfurled on a street in Florida with palm trees seen in the distanceConservatives Criticise International Companies
Conservatives on Twitter are criticising a lot of international corporations for participating in the American version of Happiness Month, but not in the Centre East. Businesses like as BMW, Pfizer, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, and Bethesda all display the pride-themed logo on Twitter in honour of June being National Happiness Month, while their Central Japanese accounts refrain from using it at all.
In response to the news, Eli David joked that he didn’t see a satisfaction flag added to the firms’ Centre Japanese Twitter pages. “Breaking: Huge companies are running out of ink on their pages in Centre East. What is the most likely explanation?” David said on Twitter.
While Bethesda, a game company, did not update its profile image or make any reference to satisfaction month, its Centre East account did post a tweet on June 2nd. For example, Pfizer displays the happiness-themed logo on its Twitter accounts for the United States, Mexico, and Canada, but not for Saudi Arabia.
Comic Leo Kearse also pounced, naming the businesses in his write-up “Firms- celebrating satisfaction the place it makes them cash, not celebrating it the place it doesn’t.”
According to Human Rights Watch, police in the Centre East target members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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