Harvard swimmer tears into Biden admin for utilizing trans sports activities debate as ‘their civil rights motion’

Collegiate swimmer Abby Carr, who competed against Lia Thomas, shares her perspective on the debate surrounding transgender athletes in women’s sports. Independent Women's Forum spokeswoman Riley Gaines speaks out against transgender women competing against biological females on 'The Bottom Line.'Female skateboarder Taylor Silverman sounds off on governing sports bodies allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s divisions ahead of the 2023 USA Cycling Pro Road National Championships.Harvard swimmer alleges that the Biden administration discriminates against women while “trying to save lots of transgender sports activities.”
“To be quite honest, I think the Biden administration is trying to put its civil rights second. They are making an effort to make the preservation of many transgender sporting activities the goal of their civil rights movement. However, they’re doing so by showing prejudice against women, Harvard swimmer Abby Carr said on “Varney & Co.” on Friday.

Lia Thomas, an Ivy League swimmer who identifies as transgender, was the competition’s dominant performer in 2022, according to Carr. “In 2022, my employees rushed to deliver to Thomas, and they succeeded.” Carr said, ‘She got almost everything she swam for. “We were advised at the time to keep quiet in order to focus on our individual races—that is, on winning our individual Ivy Championships.”

“After all, this was a bit out of line. Thomas was obviously in the organic advantage in every race that she participated in. Carr has joined other female athletes, such as former swimmer Riley Gaines of the University of Kentucky, in raising awareness about the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

Politically, the issue has become extremely polarising, with many Republicans supporting the exclusion of transgender athletes from women’s competitions and many Democrats—including the White House—firmly supporting allowing athletes to compete according to their preferred sexual orientation rather than what was initially assigned.

In an effort to prevent naturally born men from participating in women’s and women’s sports at colleges around the country as transgender athletes, the Home passed the Safety of Ladies and Women in Sports Activities Act in April. It was approved by a vote of 219–203. Democrats are said to have cast all of the “no” votes, while Republicans are said to have cast all of the “sure” votes.

Republicans supported the bill, arguing that it was an attempt to protect women from being forced to compete unfairly with natural males who had advantages over their bodies. Democrats contended that the GOP bill is a continuation of the harassment that transgender college students face on campus.

In response to questions about sports organisations allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s divisions prior to the 2023 USA Biking Professional Street Nationwide Championships, female skateboarder Taylor Silverman offered her opinion. Additionally, the White House has made its stance on the topic evident, as evidenced by the most recent exchange between Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and a reporter.

Carr retorted, “It’s fascinating watching the Biden administration push apart these narratives, these real-life tales from feminine athletes like Riley Gaines and others that we’re seeing now everywhere in the nation,” in response to Jean-Pierre’s statement that it’s “harmful” to inquire about whether women feel secure when participating in sports activities with organic males. They are obviously not supporting women who participate in sports. Fox Information Digital requested a comment from the White House, but received no response.

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