The place Open Borders Overrun Cities With Homeless

Homelessness and Illegal Immigration Continue to Be Associated

A year and a half ago, I wrote on the seeming link between illegal immigration and homelessness in American communities. Since then, there have consistently been more than 150,000 encounters every month, usually more than 200,000, with inadmissible aliens at the border. Of those, perhaps half are being introduced into the country under the pretence of a “removing course of” under immigration laws in the United States or one of the several fictitious parole-a-palooza packages put up by President Joe Biden. A number of the undocumented immigrants will “find yourself on the streets, compounding already dire issues of homelessness,” as I had projected in July 2022. Furthermore, I contended that “extra Bidenvilles are coming to a metropolis close to you,” notwithstanding the federal government’s lack of commitment to carrying out immigration regulations on the border.

How are things going now that a year has passed? After touring a temporary migrant shelter on the Roosevelt Lodge in Manhattan on July 29, New York Metropolis Mayor Eric Adams told reporters, “In the end, that is going to return to a neighbourhood close to you.” Since there were no beds inside, Adams was reportedly taken aback to find people sleeping on the sidewalk—“people lined up across the block, hurting the companies there.” The inadmissible aliens he saw had presumably been quickly processed at the border and then taken into custody by the Department of Homeland Security before being transported by bus or air to New York by nonprofit organisations that were funded by federal funding.

Compared to more developed cities, it is more difficult to care for the homeless in New York due to its dense population and high rents. Adams has opened dozens of emergency services, from parking lots to church buildings, and rented numerous resorts in addition to filling his city’s shelters to capacity in order to deal with alleged asylum seekers. He has even attempted to compensate private owners for listing them. As he now seems to realise, it will by no means be enough.

A liberal state like Massachusetts that shares the same “sanctuary” stance on illegal immigration, reports that “makeshift resorts and motels getting used as emergency shelters proceed to refill.” One state consultant in Massachusetts, no less, recognised this and noted, “Either way, there has been a significant increase in homelessness, or the vast majority of those people are undocumented immigrants.” Additionally, the governor may be hoping that residents will place undocumented immigrants in immigration limbo on their estates.

Meanwhile, residents of Chicago have reported that migrants are “loitering, participating in late-night partying, prostitution, littering, and even preventing with group members” in a single, large-capacity shelter. Residents “are extraordinarily dismayed by the town of Chicago’s incapacity to manage and develop secure parameters round housing migrants which have been transported right here from the border,” and they are organising to stop a former faculty building from being used as a migrant “respite middle.”

Another sanctuary city, Los Angeles, may also be learning the costs of uncontrolled immigration. “Our resources shouldn’t be limitless,” a spokesperson for Mayor Karen Bass said. “The town will carry on collaborating with our county, nonprofit, and religious partners in the event that Texas keeps shipping buses.”

The majority of the illegal immigrants being quickly processed and launched at the border are from Latin America and the Caribbean, and they want to go where they have networks of fellow citizens, homes, or employment opportunities. California wants to blame Texas for sending a lot of buses, but the truth is that most of them are from these regions. It implies that they somehow end up in places like New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles.

With no idea what to do next, Adams and other state and local leaders are requesting federal subsidies to cover the costs of hosting the undocumented immigrants that Biden has permitted to enter the country. They also require them to obtain employment authorization immediately. But while President can order DHS to send foreigners abroad on their own volition in a Potemkin removal process, Biden is unable to grant them immediate work authorization without giving them many months’ notice. Furthermore, although Biden may misuse his parole authority to let undocumented immigrants to enter the country and utilise monies from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to buy them plane and bus tickets, he cannot just appear out of nowhere with the money to deal with their widespread presence. For that, he wants Congress.
These Difficult Legal Requirements!
Cities and states should charge native taxpayers more heavily than federal taxpayers until they figure out a way to make us all pay.
Cities and states can still shift a portion of the cost to the national taxpayers through welfare packages even in the absence of federal funding for housing. The Medicaid programme in New York State will cost a staggering $108 billion this year, 10% more than it did last year, in part because this system will begin to conceal undocumented immigrants over 65 in 2024.
While state budget analysts project it will cost $171 million, they should consider the cautionary tale of Illinois, where the initial projections for providing Medicaid to seniors—a few million dollars per year—have blown up to almost $1 billion in reality, forcing Governor J.B. Pritzker to impose a cap on new claims.
“We have to manage the border,” New York’s Adams told reporters as he went to his sidewalk. I totally agree with you on that. Why was it taking him so long to arrive?

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