An ode to 70 years of sports activities reporting: ‘What went by means of your thoughts?’

Dutch Sports Memorable Moments
The tears of Frank de Boer, Noël van ‘t Finish, Sjinkie Knegt, and Gerrie Knetemann on Mart Smeets’ shoulder. Sven Kramer’s temper under control following his infamous substitution error during the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Ellen van Langen’s joy upon winning the 800 metres in the Olympic Games in Barcelona. She yells into the bulky phone, which was unusual at the time, “Hello dear, have you seen it?”
De Vos had just one question as he stands behind the Orange team in the Volkspark stadium following their historic 2-1 victory over West Germany. “Hey, how are you feeling, Frank?”

Ruud Gullit interrupts before Frank Rijkaard had a chance to respond, saying, “What a silly question, man!”

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