Flag bearer Jetze Plat’s mission: 3 golds in 4 days. Achievable?

Paralympic Games Jetze Pla faces a difficult mission. He must win three Paralympic Gold Medals within four days. It’s possible. The 30-year-old athlete says that he is in good condition and has completed the triathlon, time trial in hand cycling, and highway race in hand riding on the Paralympic Video Games in Tokyo. He is the world champion on all three occasions.

Plat will be allowed to ‘let loose’ of his muscular body earlier than usual. He’ll be carrying the Dutch flag with para-athlete Fleur Joong throughout Tuesday’s opening ceremony. The triathlete and handbiker, who has a trophy cabinet filled with European titles, world records, and world titles, said, “That’s honourable and really beautiful.”

“I haven’t won everything but. While I am defending my Paralympic title in the Tokyo triathlon, gold in hand cycling is high on my list of priorities. I started out as a boy riding a handbike and was a spectator at the 2008 Paralympics Beijing. It was there that I realized my dream to become the best handbiker on the planet.


I’m effectively ready for the warmth, I used to be in a position to get used to the warmth in local weather rooms

Jetze Plat

Plat was born with two severely stunted legs. Plat says that one needs to be in good form at the begining, which encourages a fantastic restoration. Together with my coaching staff, I have also created a fantastic plan so that I can swap races instantly and allow the body to recover optimally.

He says that he has done enough preparatory work.I’m now ready for the heat. Before that, I was able to adjust to the warmth in the local weather chambers. On Monday, I arrived in Tokyo. I was able to only do one exercise on my balcony. However, it was a much better experience than being in a local climate chamber. I feel fine and don’t really feel any stress. I will get there quickly and I am certain that my rivals feel the same way if they have aches in their arms”.

Plat will begin his Paralympic mission Sunday with the triathlon.



Flag bearer Jetze Plat’s mission: 3 golds in 4 days. Achievable? With preparation, anything is possible
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