Rob Manfred: A Commissioner Who Doesn’t Deserve The Job?

Rob Manfred: The Worst Commissioner on the Planet?

Rob Manfred tends to make more gaffes with his mouth than even the world’s top gymnasts. This man has terrible PR skills, as demonstrated by his dismissal of the World Series trophy (appropriately dubbed the Commissioner’s Trophy) as a “”piece of steel”” and his public reprimand of players during a lockout initiated by ownership. Furthermore, Manfred has the nerve to criticise a whole market, one of only thirty in the Major Leagues, for sticking behind their team through one of the worst possible circumstances for a fanbase. He is a tool, to put it plainly. How did this man get to be baseball’s commissioner? Like appointing Cruella de Vil to manage a puppy adoption facility, having him as commissioner is a bad idea.
The situation for Oakland Athletics supporters is already grave, and the one man who could at least pretend to care about them has instead taken a fairly cruel attitude against them. Since Manfred is employed by the business’s owners, he has an obligation to look out for their interests. But there is a technique to avoid looking like a complete idiot while doing it.
If you are not invested in the Athletics’ relocation saga, fear not – for once your own favourite team is embroiled in anything similar, you may rest guaranteed the commissioner of the sport will figuratively defecate on your fanbase. Only the A’s owners, the fans of Las Vegas (other than those still recovering from the Cup Final), and Rob Manfred are not pushing for the team to remain in Oakland. He is still the worst there is. Get a grip, Rob Manfred. Plus, get some braces.

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