Jim Harbaugh Has A Deep Ardour For Mowing The Garden

Jim Harbaugh, the University of Michigan’s head gridiron guru, did his media blitz this week—and let me tell you, folks, Jimbo brought the house down with this one.

Hold your horses, though. Would we honestly be gobsmacked if Jim Harbaugh sat down for a little tete-a-tete with a media mogul and didn’t dish out some quotable gold? I think not.

Feeling peckish? Well, ever heard of anxiety-filled cluckers? Because these feathered critters are nervier than a cat on a hot tin roof. Moral of the story: if you’re looking to crush the obstacles life tosses your way, maybe skip the chicken dinner and watch his interviews, capiche?.

Remember that time he was all gung-ho about Judge Judy, practically cheerleading for our favorite courtroom diva back in ’15? Pure Harbaugh gold, baby.

Love him or loathe him—and let’s be real, you’re on one side of that 59-year-old guy who brings his glove to every baseball game—he’s an authentic hodgepodge of weirdness laced with sheer passion.

Now, in the latest episode of “What’s Harbaugh Obsessed with Today?” a tip of the cap to Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde for popping the big Q: what would Jimbo be up to if not ruling the gridiron?

Get this—a “lawnsman!” Yeah, he said it with the kind of joy you’d expect from a kid who just spotted the ice cream truck turning the corner.

And, c’mon, you can practically hear Harbaugh blurting this out, right? Of course, the guy loves to cut grass, and not just any old mow—this is about feeling life at its peak, baby!

But hang on, it gets juicier.

Here’s the kicker—while cruisin’ on his mower, Jim’s not just sculpting America’s finest lawn. Oh no, he’s also cooking up fresh plays for Michigan. Talk about multi-tasking like a boss!

And let’s not forget, this is a man bathing in a freshly minted five-year, $36 million contract, yet he’s out there cutting his own grass. As the wise sages say, built different.

Don’t expect Jim to don headphones while he’s on lawn duty, though. This man relishes every decibel of that roaring engine, savoring the aural landscape while giving his lawn a five-star fade. And you bet he’s grinning from ear to ear the entire time.

But before we wrap up, here’s an FYI for all you Maize and Blue faithful—keeping Jim in his happy zone should be mission numero uno.

Parents of Ann Arbor, listen up! If you’re outsourcing your lawn duties, you’re basically leaving Jim in a state of eternal sadness. Time to step up, y’all!

It’s prime Mowin’ SZN, people, and the grass ain’t gonna cut itself for the next half-year. Take a leaf outta Jim’s book—literally.

And let’s give a quick shoutout to Grace Harbaugh, Jim’s daughter, for letting us in on “Airport Jim,” a lawn-mowing ceremony that’s become a sacred family ritual pre-vacation.

Alright, we’re out. Keep those blades sharp and spirits high, folks!


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