MLB Must Settle for Robotic Strike Zone 

Major League Debut of Robotic Strike Zones
Major League Baseball is about to adopt robotic strike zones, and that seems like a great idea. With the introduction of technology to the diamond, umpires will receive assistance with balls and strikes. For a while now, technology has been used in other sports to guarantee correct calls. For example, tennis uses replays to assess if balls are in or out of bounds, while football and hockey use replays to establish whether a goal is scored.
The contentious Major League umpire Angel Hernandez is notorious for making incorrect judgements in crucial circumstances. The robotic strike zone will minimise human error by giving pitchers and batters clarity, even though he is not regarded as a superior umpire. This would help the MLB Umpires Union and greatly clarify the game of baseball.
The game will move more quickly and require fewer replays thanks to the robotic strike zone. Pitchers will benefit from having a clear strike zone as a result, while hitters will advance. Due to a catcher’s ability to frame the pitch or a missed call off the plate, pitchers will no longer benefit from strikes being called. In the end, more base runners and runs will come from this artificial strike zone.
Although talks between the MLB and its Umpires Union are ongoing, both parties acknowledge that the Automatic Strike Zone (ASZ) has the potential to increase accuracy and decrease disagreements. Because plays may be evaluated separately from the umpire’s ruling, the ASZ may be able to reduce the time spent on reviews. The MLB landscape could be significantly altered by the establishment of the ASZ, even if its specific rules and regulations are still to be established.

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