Nils van der Poel speaks out: ‘In all chance I’m now not welcome in China’ | Ice skating

Acceptance From Dutch People Following Lisette van der Geest’s criticism of the skating foyer

Two-time Olympic champion Nils van der Poel is aware that reports about Dutch skating lobbyists tend to elicit stronger hate mail from Swedes than their criticism of the IOC’s decision to hold the Games in China. But later, after I had given away my medal, one of the Dutchmen sent me a message saying, “Okay, I’ll take it back,” he adds with a laugh.

Skater, philosopher, philanthropist, man of extremes, and more, Van der Poel (25) is seated in a press room of a Hamar hotel, a little distance from the Vikingskipet, the venue of the World Allround Championships, which he will compete in on Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to be his final race. One of the last ones, at least, in which he is initially viewed as a distant favourite. Most likely.

He has made a point of highlighting this disclaimer ever since making his revelation following the 10,000 metres in Beijing. If he is successful, he will quit. “I’ve given it two tries already.”

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