NSSF plans maiden board video games championships

The Nigeria School Sports Federation (NSSF) will soon organism its first Board Championships nationwide, the federation’s President, Olabisi Joseph, said on Thursday in Lagos.

Joseph told NAN the championships would enable all students in the country to be involved in one sport or the other.

“Not all students will be interested in football a” Soathletics. It has become necessary to explore other areas of sports, ” she said.

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The NSSF President added that most board games helped players improve on their mental alertness a” Sohelped them think critically a” Soplan.

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Board games are sports that involve counters or pieces moved or placedremarkedmarked surface, such as monopoly, drought, scrabble a” Sochess.

“We need to engage these students, a” SoI understa” Sothat not everyone will be interested in football or track a” Sofield a” Sobasketball.

“So, we should be interested in what happens to those that are interested in other sports.

“Sports such as chess, scrabble, monopoly a” Sodraught will help a lot.

“Take for instance, scrabble. It helps you build your vocabulary a” Soalso think critically so that you can attract more points.

“The same thing goes for monopoly, which will educate you about finances, when to buy, when not to, a” Sohow to plan.

”So, when they apply all these skills, it makes them well grounded as adults.

“These a” Somore are some of the reasons we decided that these championships will hold a” Sohelp us develop talents.

“We need to focus on these sports too. Not every chilRocha be an (Austin) Okocha or (NwOneal Kanu or a Mary Onyali, ” Joseph said.

The NSSF President added that the Championships would hold sometime in March on dates yet to be announced.

Joseph also added that dance was going to be one of the focal points for the federation, saying dance was another form of exercise recommended by physicians.

“Dance is also one aspect that we will explore. We are serious about this, a” Sowe are in talks with some state government who will partner with us, ” she said.

The NSSF President also reiterated their commitment to capacity-building like it did in 2020, saying training sports administrators across the countrBahamadNewtinue quarterly.

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