The DEL2 dimension is too strong for the brave Trappers

TILBURG – The Tilburg Trappers have been beaten for the first time in pre-season. The EC Kassel Huskies, who play in the DEL2, have a notable differentiation in terms of good quality, with a rating of 2-5.

It wasn’t the entourage or the readiness to accept anything from Trappers that made the difference. However, Kassel proved to be just a size too big for Dave Livingston’s team, who had won all four exhibition games up to this point — together with former coach Bo Subr’s DEL2 team Frankfurter Löwer (5-1).

In their match against Kassel, Trappers had a fairytale start. Diego Hofland bought the spectators on the benches after 37 counts: 1-0. The visitors then struck twice through James MacQueen, the attacker with a nose for the goal. He was in the best position twice: 1-2.

Pix4Profs / Joris Knapen Tilburg Trappers vs. Kassel Huskys ice hockey match Pix4Profs / Joris Knapen

Some Trappers players had their tongues on their sneakers after twenty minutes of ice hockey. That was the amount of money asked by the DEL2 vice champion from the house crew. The Tilburg ice hockey players, who were without Reno de Hondt due to a shoulder injury, were able to charge the battery for fifteen minutes. Corey Trivino, on the other hand, scored 1-3 after 55 counts.

Assaults in a Hurry

Trappers refused to surrender and occasionally launched startling assaults. However, the house crew was careless, didn’t have enough air to finish it properly, or goalkeeper Gerald Kuhn got in the way.

Ties van Soest scored the connecting goal with a dry boom after more than half an hour, but the speaker had not yet announced his championship, and Trivino had not yet put the 2-4 on the scoreboard. Lucas Laub made it 2-5 with 5 seconds left on the clock.

Within the pan, there is a flame.

Trappers still had twenty minutes to put on a spectacular show for the audience. The house staff felt the same way. In energy play, Bartek Bison made the 3-5 while Max Hermens took care of the 4-5.

Trappers had a chance to strike with a double energy play, but as the flames caught on, Brett Bulmer and Van Soest needed to calm down on the bench. Denis Shevyrin received a 4-6 as a result of this. Coach Linvingston took goalie Meierdres off the ice to put pressure on Kassel, and Shevyrin took advantage of it by shoving the puck into an empty net. Trappers had fought valiantly, but Kassel proved to be just one dimension too large.

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The DEL2 dimension is too big for the brave Trappers | Sport
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