The essential week of Estavana Polman: ‘I’m not an fool’ | Different sports activities

Polman Estavana’s Biggest Issue
Estavana Polman moves her torso back and forth in an imagined one-on-one scenario from a few weeks ago, despite the fact that she is seated in front of a laptop at a hotel. She looks scared and says, “Oi.” I’ll listen to it for a bit. You are aware.

This highlights her main issue. Polman has spent more than a year and a half dealing with injuries. She was hoping to compete in the Olympics after rupturing her cruciate ligament in July 2020. Nevertheless, the same leg had suffered the similar ailment a few months before Tokyo. The finest player from the last World Cup may not be able to play because of the fear that still plagues her, even if she has joined the Dutch squad for the World Cup in Spain next month. “One-on-one is still important, but it can take a while.”

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