Expedition Robinson is beginning to turn out to be a messy soup | present

Please elevate up the hero throughout the Robinson editorial employees who will make subsequent 12 months’s version easier and clearer. It’s on this sequence an excessive amount of. With Afvallerseiland, Tweede Kanseiland, Kamp Noord, Kamp Zuid and now Winnerseiland. With an amalgamation that’s not an amalgamation after a day. Will the bandana group and non-bandana group be amalgamated once more? With rejected candidates who’re given totally different alternatives. One has but to do an (particular person) take a look at (on Afvallerseiland), the opposite doesn’t, like Yuki tonight. That’s abrasive. Similar to the blending of Kamp Noord and Kamp Zuid: why does manufacturing really decide who has to go the place? And at last: how honest is it that the candidates from Kamp Zuid and Noord should do powerful checks one after the opposite – and due to this fact should lose much more vitality – the place the dropouts – apart from a person take a look at – have been lazing for days? And that they could quickly proceed collectively? Expedition Robinson begins to turn out to be a messy soup. That typically tastes good, however wants readability.

What number of viewers hoped that Rob Geus can be the primary to fall off the beam? Frankly, I do. Nothing private in fact, as a result of I want everybody, some greater than others, the ultimate. However dramas stick. Within the sport you had the substitution of Sven Kramer, the toe of Casillas, the ball of Rensenbrink on the publish. I additionally noticed it now: the annoyed Rob, who was the primary to tumble off that beam two years in the past (and will wobble) and now, certain sufficient, once more… And as an encore are undoubtedly dramatic reactions. It’s a bit like watching the footballer Sven ‘Mister Eigen Objective’ van Beek. You by no means hope for that boy, however then, what if he shoots into his personal purpose for the ninth (!) time? Rob can proceed, in contrast to his ‘comrade’ John de Bever. He lay cursing and raving (first) within the water, after which the smile on his face was simply as laborious to search out…

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Expedition Robinson is beginning to turn out to be a messy soup | present
Supply hyperlink Expedition Robinson is beginning to turn out to be a messy soup | present

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