Expedition Robinson is beginning to turn out to be a messy soup | present

How many viewers thought Rob Geus would be the first person to go off the beam?
I really do. Nothing secret, in fact, because I want everyone to be the best—some more than others. Dramas, though, endure. In the game, there was Sven Kramer’s substitution, Casillas’ toe, and Rensenbrink’s ball on the publish. I also observed it now: the irritated Rob, who was the first to fall from that beam two years ago (and will sway), and now, sure enough, again… And certainly spectacular reactions as an encore.
It is similar to seeing Sven “Mister Eigen Objective” van Beek, a football player. You don’t hold out much hope for that youngster, but what if, for the ninth (!) time, he succeeds in his own mission? Rob, unlike his ‘comrade’ John de Bever, can go forward. It took a lot of work to find the smile on his face after he had been lying in the water, screaming and swearing.

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