Tino Martin now not desires to work with Lil Kleine: ‘It is over’ present

Video Footage Of Tino Martin And Lil Kleine Causes A Split
Since Lil Kleine is alleged to have assaulted Tino Martin’s girlfriend, Jaimie Vaes, the musician has withdrawn his desire to work with him. The rapper is no longer welcome to perform at Martin’s May performances in Ziggo Dome, despite having received an invitation. Martin said, “You avoid women,” on Qmusic. He came to this conclusion after viewing the images of Yvonne Coldeweijer that surfaced on the juicechannel. It seemed as though Jorik Scholten (Lil Kleine) had pulled his lover by her hair and wedged her head between the car’s doors. Martin declared, “Wow, what a dick, I was watching with my girlfriend. There is no way around that.
The singer is ‘over and gone’ from it now. Martin continued, saying, “Let me be clear about this. I was taught not to touch ladies at home. My mother, my two sisters, and I were reared by three ladies. They’ve really put a dampener on that, so I say no. It’s just not possible.”
The rapper’s arrest in Ibiza last year for allegedly abusing Jaimie Vaes at their hotel coincided with the release of Tino and Lil Kleine’s duet. Although Tino says he was frequently asked why he released another song with Lil Kleine, the case was eventually dropped. He said, “That record was ready, I thought that record was very cool, I was proud of that record” . He went on to say, “I also came up with the arrangement and some of the lyrics myself. We placed the track in the management’s freezer for a further three months after that incident in Ibiza. so I was curious to find out what would happen.”
Lil Kleine, also known as Jorik Scholten, was not charged. “In anticipation, it turned out that both Jorik and Jaimie said- it has gone completely different, it’s and remains a rumour and nothing is true at all,” Martin added, citing a joint statement issued by Jorik and Jaimie. “I saw them strolling hand in hand on the beach in Dubai a month later, kissing and joyfully living their lives,” he continued. Then it dawned on me: the record could just be released. Then, it’s finished. At the time, I sort of gave it the benefit of the doubt.”
However, two days after a judge sentenced Lil Kleine to 120 hours of community service for kicking someone in a nightclub, he was taken into custody on suspicion of aggravated assault and/or assault on Sunday night. He is currently being accused of abusing Jaimie Vaes, his girlfriend. The rapper was freed on Wednesday, but the inquiry is still underway. That release has been contested by the Public Prosecution Service.
Martin said that he was sacked by Lil Kleine from the Amsterdam show in December and that he was taken off the Spotify song “Gass” and the FunX radio programme Fiorito. “It’s over” for him and Lil Kleine’s collaboration, he declared in closing.

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